As of June 15, NASA is allowing Kennedy Space Center visitors (for the first time in 30 years) to tour the inside of the Launch Control Center.

The KSC Up-Close: Launch Control Center Tour is a part of the Kennedy Space Center’s 50th anniversary special-access tours. Visitors are led right into Firing Room 4, the place from which every space shuttle launch since 2006 was controlled. While on the tour, check out the many computers used for launch monitoring and system checks as well as the launch countdown clock and video monitors.

However, if the control room isn’t for you and it’s the rockets that catch your eye, not to worry; there’s a tour for that. Visitors are led inside the 525 ft. Vehicle Assembly Building where the Apollo Saturn V rockets and space shuttles were assembled.

The tours will run on a limited schedule through the end of 2012 with prices starting at $25 for adults and $19 for children. Considering the small window that these tours will be open to the public be sure to check it out this summer before it’s too late!
Ellen Studer

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