I know all of you have checked into a hotel before while silently crossing your fingers hoping for the room with the best view.  You try to request it online, ask the concierge, or even slip him a carefully folded dead president for some extra special treatment.  Can’t it just be easy?  Of course it can!  TripKick.com and Room77.com (which recently acquired TripKick) are two sites dedicated to finding you the best rooms in some of the top hotels around.  Whether you want the best view, oversized, corner, or the quietest room, you will find your preference here.  Guests who have used the recommendations for their travels are able to comment on their stay and provide you with their own opinions, which Room77 encourages.  Stayed in a room where all you heard was the elevator “ding” or the ice machine all night?  Let them know!

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*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee from the sites that you will be placed in your requested room.  It’s up to the hotel and their availability to accommodate you.

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