Do the airlines think we're stupid? Obviously they must because they continue to add fees to already high airline ticket prices. A few years ago when things were really tough, the airlines introduced a number of fees for things that had been free forever. We kind of understood at the time, but it just continues to get worse. Those low fares they advertise are fraudulent because they don't really exist.

I'm a member of the Spirit $9 Fare which is probably the biggest culprit of fraudulent fees. There is no $9 fare because when you start out at $9, add taxes, seating, baggage and so forth, the final charge doesn't resemble anywhere near $9.

Here's a little chart to illustrate the point courtesy of USA Today:
                               Seating              Ticket Change           1st Bag
American                $4-39                    $150                        $25
Continental             $19+                     $150                        $25
Delta                      $80-160                 $150                        $25
JetBlue                   $10-40                   $100                        $0
Spirit                      $10-25                   $115-125                 $28-38
Southwest               $0                         $0                           $0

So, based on the above and all other things being equal....who should you fly with?

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