As a researcher for the BestWeekends’ Advance Team I can tell you that keeping an eye on the latest and greatest of the travel world is a MUST. And as any good researcher does, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Believe it or not I tend to stray from my Google search bar and pick up a lot of cool things from magazines (both print and e-published). That’s why I have composed a list of “must-haves” in the travel magazine world. Get ready… get set… SUBSCRIBE!

Print Magazines
also available on tablets/smartphones/ e-readers
1) Conde Nast Traveler
2) Travel + Leisure
3) National Geographic Traveler
4) AAA Traveler

E-reader Magazines
awesome visual displays for tablets/smartphones/e-readers
1) Fotopedia Magazine
2) Jetpac
4) Travel by Handstand
Ellen Studer

8/20/2012 05:25:48 pm

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