Many of us need to hop on the rental car tram when we arrive at far away airports to bring us to our new rides for the weekend or week.  It’s always hard which company to rent from.  You may have found an online coupon, one from AAA, or one directly from a car rental service’s website.  I truly believe I have found the most inexpensive car rental company there is.  Dollar Rental Car has many national locations, primarily at major airports.  With specials as low as $24.99 a day with unlimited miles, you can’t go wrong!  I rented from Dollar when I landed in LA back in May and was presented with a row of car choices which were all impeccably clean and ready.  I chose the 2011 Ford Fiesta because of its well known gas efficiency.  Gas in California can be quite expensive so it was nice to get 40 miles per gallon!  They offer Rapid Rental Check-In which allows you to enter your personal and driver information before you arrive to save time at the check-in counter.  They also have a partnership with numerous airlines allowing you to earn miles for future vacations!  Sometimes having a well known name isn’t everything, but I would highly recommend Dollar Rent A Car for maximum vacation savings!

Here's another tip: if you find the rates are ridiculously high at your destination, go to Priceline. You can put in the price you want to pay and if accepted, you'll save a ton of money. I did it on a trip to San Francisco and saved $40 per day! Happy driving!

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