As nice as breakfast at the Ritz may sound, there is nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee and some greasy hash browns at the counter of your favorite diner. Tucked away in New York City are a few classic diners that offer just this…
Cup & Saucer Diner
89 Canal St. (212-925-3298)
In the heart of Chinatown students and regulars grab grub-to-go or claim a stool at the retro counter…

Landmark Diner
158 Grand St. (212-334-0040)
Not a place of fine dining, but certainly a place of fine diner food…

Castle Hill Diner
1506 Broxdale Ave. (718-828-3993)
Rumor has it this place serves-up a mean eggs Benedict…

Annadale Diner
813 Annadale Rd. (718-984-3200)
Unique because of its full bar, this diner is best known for its dinner menu…

Neil’s Coffee Shop
961 Lexington Ave. (212-628-7474)
Famous its wall of celeb headshots, this diner is just blocks from the Whitney and the Met…

Tom’s Restaurant
782 Washinton Ave. (718-636-9738)
West 112th Street (212-864-6137)
Between a highlight in the Suzanne Vega song “Tom’s Diner” and multiple appearances on Seinfeld this diner has had its time in the limelight…

If you are looking to have breakfast at a classic city diner, you are first going to need a place to stay the night before. Check out the destination page for the latest and greatest of NYC.
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