We all think we know when the best time is to book our flights for our vacations.  Or do we?  Have you ever booked your flight 8 weeks- 6 months in advance to find out at the very last minute it dropped in price significantly 3 weeks before?  And then you let out that sigh of disappointment?  Well I’d like to make your flight planning a bit simpler.  Bing Travel has a flight price predictor that tells you the best time to book your flight.  You enter your starting and ending destinations, date, and preferred time to fly and it will tell you whether it thinks the airline will raise or lower its prices after your inquiry date.  The green arrow symbols usually indicate that Bing is fairly confident that you will be getting the best price.  If they show you red arrows, they are suggesting that you wait it out a bit longer in hopes that the price will drop. 

Spirit Airlines is an airline you must try if you havn’t already.  I have been a $9 Fare Club Member for about 5 years now.  The $9 Fare Club, which costs $59.95 annually, entitles you to incredibly low flight prices to over 39 destinations in the US, South America and the Caribbean.  (Sign up for their email blasts or check their site daily for the sales.)  Of course there are specific dates you must travel, but the savings are incredible!  I have flown to Florida many times for $9 each way!  On a recent trip to California, a flight on Spirit (not direct) was only $230 round trip to LAX from Atlantic City, compared to other large airlines charging over $600+!  All of the extra money we saved we were able to use for things we may not have been able to do if our flight had over $600.  Yes, they charge you extra for choosing seats and bringing bags, but even after that you are most likely saving hundreds!

Take the money you’ll save on your next flight and plan your next vacation!  You’ll be able to afford it-- and face it, you deserve it!

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