Airports are stepping up their game this year with newer and healthier options for travelers. Yoga rooms, walking paths, and healthier food choices are some of the newest ways airports are attracting travelers who want to travel “smart.”

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and San Francisco International Airport are two that now offer yoga rooms in terminals, free of charge for customers and employees. These yoga rooms have everything from mats, to instructional videos, runway window views, and privacy screens.

Supported by the American Heart Association, airports such as Indianapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis and DFW have also put in half-mile walking paths to keep travelers on the move. San Francisco recently added a medical clinic that provides healthcare to travelers and employees and also offers vaccines for out-of-country travelers.

Almost all of these mentioned airports are swapping out the traditional fast food offerings for healthier choices like Sub Way sandwiches.

Even with all of these healthy and comfortable improvements, are airports really attracting more traffic or will the cheapest flight always be the first choice? Let us know what you think by commenting here, on Twitter, or on Facebook!
Ellen Studer

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