May 27th marks the 75th anniversary of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Surrounding the big day is a weeks worth of festivals, activities, and exhibits. Even if you can’t make it down for the big day, many opportunities are available to see the magnificent bridge in ways you might not have thought of before…

One of the most popular ways to marvel at the Golden Gate is to take a boat tour on a beautiful day. California Sunset Cruise costs $58 for adults, $40 for children, and is free for children under the age of 5. Cruises run daily at 7 p.m. throughout the summer.

A unique way to actually cross the bridge is to take an electric bike tour with the Electric Tour Company; here you are encouraged to either pedal yourself, or relax with an electric “boost.” On the tour there will be photo-ops and you will pick up interesting information about the bridge as you make your way across the stretch. Tours start at $80 per person and include the returning ferry cost. These tours run at 10 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Checking out the bridge from afar may turn out to be more interesting than you think. House of Air Trampoline Park, offers great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and a great workout at an affordable cost. Half-hour jumping sessions cost $8 and are walk-up from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

            Whether you plan on making it down there this week for the big events or just traveling sometime in the near future, there is even an app that can help you pick up a couple of tid-bits you might not have known about the Golden Gate. The app is called GoGGBridge. The app includes “Nuts & Bolts” facts as well as categories like “Plan Your Trip,” “Explore the Bridge,” “True Tales,” and even “Bridge Fun.” I have to say that the National Parks Conservancy did an incredible job with this interactive app to commemorate the big day.
Ellen Studer

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