Today almost everyone is connected through social networking, and some of us are even obsessed with it. When I am off on a weekend adventure, you can be sure that I am tweeting about funny experiences, checking into Foursquare at new places, Instagraming great vaca pics, and updating my status.

I stumbled upon a brand new (but quickly growing) website called Irrive that streams all of your social media into a shareable, virtual scrapbook. “A Social Scrapbook For Life’s Adventures”, Irrive pulls all of your posts and images from Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook, and Flickr for seamless sharing.

Incredible organization and a fresh design allow this newbie to stand out from the crowd. It is extremely easy to sync all of your social media accounts to your scrapbook and even easier to share with friends. You can even check out all of your friends’ scrapbooks because Irrive automatically imports all of your friend lists to search for other Irrive users. Definitely something to check out for all of you BestWeekends travelers out there; and remember, keep traveling! #bestweekends
Ellen Studer

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