In March, we’ve all got the luck of the Irish. May 5th, we're swigging margaritas and at this time of year, we are all allowed to call ourselves German…

Oktoberfest celebrations fill backyards, towns, and even cities during the month of September; every celebration more exciting than the last. A few of the biggest celebrations in the U.S. take place in our favorite cities New York, Boston, and Chicago.

In Boston, Harpoon Brewery will be hosting it’s 23rd Oktoberfest and people from miles around will gather to drink Oktoberfest beer, eat German foods, listen to great live bands, and of course… celebrate! (September 28-29)

In Chicago, um-pah bands, beer, and brats are being brought in by the masses in preparation for the citywide Oktoberfest celebration. (September 28-30)

In New York City, the Empire State Plaza will be hosting this years Oktoberfest in an explosion of German pride. (September 13)

Why not make a weekend out of your favorite Oktoberfest celebration? Visit our city destination pages for the best of the best when it comes to lodging, dining, and celebrating!
Ellen Studer

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