(Hypothetical) So I’m all finished packing for my summer weekend getaway to Key West.  I booked the Sunset Key Cottages for some R &R after a very long winter in New Jersey.  I’ve got my new hot pink bikini with matching sarong packed, a few summer cocktail dresses and some comfortable clothes for an early morning sunrise walk along the beach.  I can’t stop thinking about falling backwards into a king size bed overlooking the ocean upon arrival.  I’ve been craving a Pina Colada with a little umbrella!  I’ve got my boarding passes in hand, cell phone charger and sunglasses in my purse and I’m off to the airport.  “Oh great” my friend says... “I forgot to research the daily parking rates.”  The last thing I needed to worry is finding a place to park.  I just smiled at her and said “Don’t worry, I already have that covered!”  She had such a puzzled look on her face.  I explained to her that I used About Airport Parking- a site dedicated to finding all of the parking options at major airports.  With this site you can choose the airport you will be departing out of, and it gives you a list of different lots with daily prices and hundreds of user reviews.  By using this great tool, I was able to save us $10 for each day of parking by opting for a valet service lot at an airport hotel instead of the airports lots. It provides shuttle service to and from the terminals.  So guess what? We now have $30 extra to spend on fruity girly cocktails when we get there!  #WINNING! 
M. Klinger

6/12/2012 07:47:13 am

That’s the beauty of reserving your parking slot online, before you go on a trip – you don’t have to worry about looking for a space when you finally get to the airport. You managed to grab yourself a good parking slot, with fair enough parking rates. What a good start to your vacation! Enjoy!

-<a href="http://rocketparking.com/houston-intercontinental-airport-parking-faq.html">Filippa Sartini</a>


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