_ An iPhone update is in order; the young application Hotel Tonight is a must-have for travelers, businessmen, and families alike. A recent owner of the app, I am impressed by the newbie’s ability to quickly and efficiently navigate the hotel world. Hotel Tonight is a program designed to make same-night hotel room reservations at the best rates possible.

A pioneer of it’s kind, the app plays off of hotels’ desire to occupy as many rooms possible and negotiates prices accordingly. As stated by USA Today, Hotel Tonight bests competing hotel-booking websites three out of four times. A setback to the virtual tool, hotels from only 13 major cities are recognized and included in the search. This is due to Hotel Tonight’s relatively new status, though, as application users grow exponentially, so is the hotel database.

One unique feature of the app is hotel classification as hip, budget, boutique, classic, elegant, modern, and basic. Ratings, occasionally snagged from Yelp and Trip Advisor, are also available but could use improvement as the program grows larger. Impressive visuals such as pictures in hotel profiles as well as maps with detailed directions raise the bar to rising competitors. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Do yourself a favor and download this life-saving app, or you could be stuck curling up in the airport terminal for long and uncomfortable night.

Ellen Studer

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