This August at the Jersey Shore crowds will gather on the beach in Cape May to watch the United States Lifesaving Association’s National Lifeguard Championships.   An early predecessor to the “Iron Man” competitions, the Championships will feature the best and brightest lifeguards in the country.  This year the Championship will be sponsored by Jersey Mike’s Subs; owner and former lifeguard Peter Cancro is rooting for a win from home shores.  Lifeguards old and young will gather for the many events such as the Beach run, the Rescue Race, and the Iron-guard. The USLA Championships will begin August 8th with youth competitions and run through the 11th with adult events. A weekend of tradition, the USLA hopes to draw their biggest crowd yet in a celebration of their inspiring men and women. Whether you are a lifeguard yourself or just an interested fan, check out more information at USLA and drop in on the excitement. If you do plan to stop by, check out the destination page on the Jersey Shore for awesome things to do, places to stay, and fabulous dining.
Ellen Studer

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