When checking out new travel info on the places I love and the places I’ve yet to visit, I tend to look to other travel bloggers for the best information. When you read a blog of someone who has actually been to a destination, you get a better feel for what that place is really like. So, when I stumbled across the new website Uencounter.me, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new approach to bringing the networking world even closer together. This website offers a unique mix between personal experience documentation and idea sharing. When you first enter the site you are prompted to create a free account and are then directed to a page with a map similar to that of GoogleMaps where you can place “pins” on places that you have visited and/or wish to visit in the future. Then, when you place a pin, more pins appear on your map of users who have visited that destination. These pins have blog-like information about that destination from the perspective of the other user including (but not limited to) experience ratings, dates, and events. Travel websites can also pay to post links to their blogs that relate to that destination. You can then leave an “experience note” about your experience at the destination to share with other users looking for a bit of inside scoop. I suggest checking it out next time you are looking to write about your latest weekend trip to Nantucket or possibly looking to plan one!
Ellen Studer

6/23/2012 01:01:37 am

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