We all need a little “island getaway” once in a while, right?  What if I told you there are dozens of islands in the United States just waiting for you to escape to?  Well, for the next week, I will be featuring two different islands in each blog that I believe you need to visit this summer- No passport required! 

July is the perfect month to visit New England; especially Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard- two islands off the coast of Massachusetts.  Mid summer is when the temperatures reach the mid 70’s - 80’s, which is perfect weather to enjoy with the Atlantic Ocean breeze.  What makes these two islands so special is their uniqueness to Massachusetts; you will need to fly or catch a ferry to get there.  Your best bet is to take the ferry from Quonset Point, RI to get to Martha’s Vineyard, and the ferry from Hyannis, MA to get to Nantucket.  I recommend the ferry for both locations because of the excitement of having to get somewhere by boat.  If you’re feeling adventurous then definitely go by small plane!  Once you arrive on the islands, you will most likely have to stop to take it all in.  These are the places you’ve always dreamt about going to after reading about them in your Coastal Living magazine.  Yes, rub your eyes, pinch yourself; they are here and they are ready for you to enjoy!     

Don’t expect to find large hotel, shopping or dining chains here.  Each island is delicately designed with Inns, B&B’s, art galleries, museums, small shops where you will find items never seen before, and restaurants that have been family run for decades.  There’s no hustle-bustle of honking horns and loud traffic, only the sounds of bicycle bells and shoes walking down cobblestone streets.  Why not rent a beach cruiser while you’re there to get you around?  If riding a bicycle is not your forte, there are bus and shuttle systems on both islands that offer inexpensive rides. ( Shuttle Nantucket and Vineyard Transit ).  You’ll want to become a local yourself within the first hour!  Nantucket beaches should definitely be on top of your to-do list while you’re there.  There are beaches available based on the type of swimmer you are, your age, or your water sport preference.  Martha’s Vineyard beaches also offer variety, and some are known to have beautiful shells and sea glass- perfect for taking home as a memory.  

These islands are both places that you will be talking about again and again for years to come.  Anyone who has ever visited them can tell you that!  Next up on my “No Passport Required Island Tour” will be two islands that have beaches more beautiful than some of the most visited Caribbean Islands.  Many times overlooked by many “outsiders”, these islands will be “shore” to please.  With miles of sugary white sandy beaches with swaying palm trees and an unmatched sunset, you’ll want to keep coming back. Find out where you can find your own piece of paradise on Friday!  
M. Klinger  


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