So did you guess which islands I am featuring today?  Did you even know Georgia had islands?!  Jekyll Island and St. Simon Island are actually two of Georgia’s best kept secrets. 

Jekyll Island is currently going through a total revitalization so that it will stand out among family-friendly US vacation locations.  It is a place dedicated to educating its visitors about sustaining coastal ecology and the island’s natural habitats.  The Jekyll Island Club is a historic landmark and has long been the lodging standard in the area. Choose from over 160 beautiful options at Villas by the Sea; welcoming coastal living-style in 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Villas.  A must see is Driftwood Beach which is located at the north end of Jekyll Island. Here you will find driftwood trees which many refer to as resembling a “driftwood graveyard”.  Jekyll Island is well known for its passion to help sea turtles, which is why they created the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.  The center helps stranded sea turtles get out of harms way and on their way to the sea.  If you’re an animal lover like myself, a visit here could probably be life changing for you!  If you’re someone that appreciates a good festival, then you have got to visit one of Jekyll Islands annual festivals!  They have a weekend-long music festival in August, and a “Shrimp and Grits” festival in September! All I can think about is Bubba from Forrest Gump talking about “pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp...”  YUM!!    

St. Simon Island, a short 35 minute drive from Jekyll Island, is another gem of the Georgia southern coast.  For a true southern hospitality experience, try The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort.  Here you will enjoy ocean views, Southern coastal cuisine, a Friday night seafood buffet and total R&R at their Royal Treatment Cottage massage spa. Ooh la la!  For an ultimate experience try the Little St. Simon's Island, accessible only by boat and serving just 32 people at a time. St. Simon Island prides on their local artists and hosts annual exhibits to showcase their work.  A local non profit organization, Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association (GIAHA), “provides distinctive cultural events and education that engages, inspires and celebrates our community”.  They are also home to the Georgia-famous St. Simon Island Lighthouse, an outdoor weekly farmers market, Jazz festivals, classic movie viewings and more which you can find on their calendar.

Why not tour the Historic Districts of both islands by horse drawn carriage?  Or travel the coastline by horseback?  Three Oaks Carriage and Trail Company can accommodate whichever you choose!  These islands seem more like something you would find in the movies right?  Well, you can make your own movie and happy ending by visiting Jekyll and St. Simons Islands, Georgia!  You will forever hold a piece of each in your heart. 

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