This summer NYC hopes to flood the streets with clean, green transportation. Beginning mid-August, over 420 Citi Bike stations holding over 7,000 bicycles will be open for business “loaning” out bikes to the commuter, the visitor, and the average Joe.

By providing the Citi Bike system, the NYC Department of Transportation hopes to encourage the use of clean and healthy transportation for commutes under two miles. The bike stations will be spread throughout the lower half of Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens; more prevalent in places with heavier foot-traffic. By the spring of 2013, the program is expected to have expanded to over 600 stations and 10,000 bikes.

Each bike will feature a GPS, flashing rear and front lights, and a titanium lock. The bikes can be rented at a self-serve kiosk (credit card only) for an annual, weekly, or daily package. The annual package costs $95, the weekly $25, and the 24-hour $9.95.

Each trip is timed and is limited to 30 – 45 minutes with charges for late returns. So, it is less like a bike rental and more like a self-serve taxi; the idea being that the city will “share” the bikes.

Keep an eye out for the Citi Bike stations this summer when you are in the city on your next big weekend!
Ellen Studer

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