This week when surfing the web I came across heart-warming video about a little boy who left his beloved stuffed animal in a Ritz Carlton and the above-and-beyond efforts of the staff put in to returning him.

As told in the video, a young boy, Riley, realized upon returning home from his vacation that his favorite stuffed giraffe, Joshie, had been left behind. Riley’s parents quickly called the hotel asking if the toy had been found, and were relieved to be told that it was discovered in the laundry room and would be held aside for it’s owner. Riley’s dad asked the hotel staff if they could play along with the story that Joshie had not been forgotten and rather took a few extra days of vacation.

Returning home decked out in Ritz Carlton clothes, Joshie was accompanied by a storybook binder explaining all of the adventures he had on his extra days of vacation. The book included pictures of the toy by the pool, with the hotel’s pet parrot, and even receiving a badge from the loss prevention office.

With this kind of customer service, you can bet that Riley and Joshie’s family will be staying at the Ritz for many vacations to come. Check out the video at

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Ellen Studer

7/10/2012 04:52:28 am

Thanks for sharing our story! If ONLY more business owners and their employees gave such memorable customer experiences as the Ritz-Carlton gave us, there would a LOT more successful businesses around. If anyone is interested in reading my Huffington Post column about this you can do so here: Thanks again and take care!


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