Of course you know that BestWeekends.com has the finest destination information on this summer’s “coolest” seaside escapes, BUT did you know that…

The Jersey Shore’s Atlantic City is home to the first and longest boardwalk in the world.

Martha’s Vineyard was featured in 1975 as the filming location of the iconic thriller, “Jaws.”

In 1774, Newport, RI hosted the United State’s very first circus.

Anyone officially born in Key West, FL is called a conch.

Nantucket, MA has the most Native American place names in the country. In fact, the name “Nantucket” is translated in Wampanoag as “far away land.”

Key West’s Hemingway House is home to over 40 cats, most of which have 7 toes due to inbreeding. (Ok, so maybe that one is pushing it a little…)
Ellen Studer

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