Another great adventure when taking a trip into NYC is a scavenger hunt. On my last trip in, my group decided to try out the Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt. It turned out to be a blast and was also a great way to check out little parts of the city that I hadn’t noticed before. The object of the hunt isn’t to find objects but rather to find answers to tricky and sometimes funny riddles that have you scrambling across Time Square. After being broken into teams, each group receives a list of riddles that lead you on a wild goose chase like none other. From the inside of the Toys R Us to the Rockefeller Plaza the answers to the clues are built into the huge city. The one tip I would give is make sure you are wearing your most comfortable sneakers or your feet will not be thanking you at the end of the day. The hunt also tests your knowledge of pop culture and some trivia as well as navigation and timing skill. Although there is no prize for finishing first, there is a time limit that if not met will result in point reductions. A team can pick up points by running into Watson Guides for trivial games and even by choosing the best team name! As long as you have a sunny day, the Watson Adventures hunt is a great idea for groups of all ages, even the kids! For other things to do when you visit the city check out the Best Weekends destination page for NYC and find the best places to dine, stay, and explore.
Ellen Studer

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