As a Jersey Shore native, I’ve always debated on the best way to get into Manhattan.  The options I feel are endless: take the two hour long train ride from Manasquan to Manhattan for a whopping $30 round trip/pp; drive to Metro Park at exit 131 on the Garden State Parkway and take the train from there; hop on a commuter bus; or be fun and adventurous and drive in!  But with all of the parking garages on every corner, how do you know which one will give you the best deal?  The problem is you don’t!  There were times I would drive in and end up paying $30-$40 for six hours of parking.  Haven’t we all had those “I cannot believe I just paid that” moments?  Until now...

Want to get in on one of the best kept parking secrets? provides rates for parking in major US cities based on your date and time of travel.  While preparing myself for an interview in Manhattan last week, the last thing on my mind was where to park.  At the last minute I used the site to find a parking garage in a close walking proximity to where I was going.  The site showed me the locations of the garages on a map, and the price based on the date and time I provided.  The cheapest I found for 9 hours of parking was $18! That’s only $2 an hour!  The only thing you need to be careful of is the amount of parking spaces each garage has available.  I noticed some garages had around 50 spots where others had over 120.  The rate quoted (as long as you bring a printed copy!) is guaranteed, but a spot may not be.  I would suggest printed a few different options so you don’t feel stuck.

So the next time you’re waiting in line to pay your guaranteed rate and the guy next to you is shaking his head at his $75 total, you can bask in your glory and say “Shoulda used”.  

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