Although I feel as if gas prices have been slowly falling, they are still incredibly high.  Who would have thought we’d be happy when the price dipped below $3.50? We’re all looking to pinch our pennies and score deals on everything these days, including gas.  I have my go-to gas stations where I find some of the most inexpensive gas around.  All thanks to two sites, GasBuddy, a new site and app devoted to finding the cheapest gas near you and AAA, an old reliable favorite. GasBuddy allows you to find these prices right on the screen of your smart phone. Both have a gas map that shows you the national average of gas price per gallon by location, a chart that shows the spike in prices over the past two years, and with GasBuddy an opportunity to win a weekly prize, which is usually a gas card! While both a good, I have found AAA to be more accurate for where I live and they present more options.

            Since I know you will all be taking vacations and weekend getaways via the highway this summer, the sites allow you to enter your starting and ending location; car year, make, and model and they will calculate how much your trip will cost!  It shows you where and when you will need to stop to fill up at the least expensive gas station. Wow!  You definitely don’t want to leave home without it! 

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