Maybe you are one of the lucky travelers who will make it to London this summer for the Olympics… Maybe you are going to be a weekend guest at the Plaza… Maybe you have invited your loveliest dolls over for a tea party in the backyard…

In celebration of the 2012 London Olympic Games I have composed a cheat-sheet on proper teatime etiquette. You never know what could happen; perhaps the Queen will parachute in on your tea party…

Ten Rules of Tea
1.       Afternoon tea should not be referred to as “High Tea”. High Tea must only be served after 5:00 pm and should take the place of dinner.
2.       Always keep your napkin on your lap.
3.       Never place your purse on the floor; keep it in your lap or on your chair.
4.       Finger foods are to be eaten in this order: savories, scones, sweets
5.       Sugar and lemon should be put in your teacup BEFORE the actual tea.
6.       Look into the back of the teacup when sipping your tea.
7.       It is distasteful to use your tea to “wash-down” your food.
8.       Keep your spoon placed neatly to the RIGHT of your saucer.
9.       Always break your scones; never bite!
10.   Contrary to popular belief and the teachings of Patrick Star, never, and I mean NEVER, put your pinky up!
Ellen Studer

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