The BestWeekends Advance Team has got their eyes on the latest and greatest app “iExit”, which hit number one on the charts for travel apps this week.

A great app to have when hitting the road for longer trips, iExit allows users to identify what interstate exits have what you need (restrooms, gas, food, etc.) For example, if you are looking for a gas station, iExit will let you know just when one is coming up and if you will be able to hold out for the next one. This app even allows you to program favorite restaurant chains for quick stops.

As far as layout and accessibility go, iExit is visually pleasing and relatively straightforward in layout and design. The app allows you to access your exit information in list form or by viewing the map version. A toolbar allows for easy access to favorites, categories, and tools.

iExit is definitely one to pick up for only $0.99 before leaving for your next weekend trip. And just a quick tip, the app store categorizes their apps so you can keep up with the latest and most popular travel apps anytime you need.

Ellen Studer


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