Looking to get a tan this winter without the hassle and costs of traveling down south? Tanning booths and spray-tans can only go so far, but surprisingly there is a way to get a natural sun tan right here in New Jersey, in Vernon, NJ, at The Crystal Springs Resort and the Grand Cascades Lodge Biosphere. The $7 million biosphere is the only one of its kind in the US. to use German Foiltec roofing that allows almost all of the sun’s natural rays to pass through. Because of the energy-efficient material, any time of year is perfect for visiting the multi-purpose biosphere. Winter is no longer an obstacle when it comes to getting a tan that will have people wondering what exotic island you visited. The biosphere features a heated indoor free-form pool, spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, an underground aquarium, 140 ft water slide, Grotto-like jacuzzi, cave-themed steam room and sauna, and a tasteful cafe. The complex is filled with tropical vegetation giving visitors the experience of an exotic vacation right in their own backyards. The Crystal Springs Resort draws attraction not only from golfers (t courses) and families, but also those looking to escape, even if just for the day. An incredible experience worth checking out, the biosphere at Crystal Springs is a unique alternative to the orange spray-tan this year.
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5/27/2012 03:03:12 pm

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