While at work today, a coworker told me she and her husband were going to be traveling to Iceland in October.  I had never thought about traveling to Iceland….I mean I don’t even know what language they speak! I figured since it was a place not frequently traveled by my acquaintances that it must be expensive.  Boy was I wrong. On our lunch break she told me to check out airbnb.com, a fairly young travel site dedicated to finding you inexpensive places to stay.  You won’t find hotels here, though.  Airbnb is a site where “hosts” come together to provide clean, comfortable accommodations in their own homes to travelers in over 16,000 cities in 186 countries.  You simply enter the date and location of your travel, and airbnb provides you with local accommodations available for as little as $10 a night!  I have come across some chic little places to stay where the reviewers rave about their hosts.  Some reviewers are ready to go back and stay again because their experience topped any they had at a conventional hotel. As a recent college graduate, I know how hard it can be to travel on a budget and still go to the places I dream about.  Airbnb is the ideal answer to my low budget travel piggy bank.  

Today we salute you Traveler-On-A-Dime.. Traveling the world on dollars and cents with money left over for a four course meal.

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