Earth Day this year had many of us thinking about our impact on the environment. In today’s day and age we leave a carbon footprint the size of Bigfoot’s and as much as we may want to reduce our pollution, it isn’t always that easy. So, this year the Best Weekend Advance team came up with a few ways to stay “green” in our travels for 2012.

1.      When taking a flight to your next destination, try to book a non-stop flight instead of connections. This way less fuel is used in the process and you feel a little better about how you decide to travel.

2.      Try choosing a destination where walking and biking is preferred means of getting around. Nantucket, Key West, and Martha’s Vineyard are all great getaway vacation destinations where almost everyone grabs for a helmet instead of their car keys!

3.      No matter where you are, be it at home, at your summerhouse, or away on vacation always conserve water and electricity! Just because you are at a fancy hotel does not mean you need to let the shower run for an hour!

4.      If you’re going to be staying at a destination where you don’t need a car every day, consider using a car service or car rental that offers electric cars (e.g. Zipcar, Hertz, or Enterprise).

5.      Try visiting a destination that is close to home, but far enough that it still feels like a vacation. The less distance you have to travel, the less emissions to get you there!
Ellen Studer

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