Can’t stand to leave your four-legged family member at home when you travel? Not to worry, bringing your pet isn’t always that difficult…
Doghouse Please?
Some hotel chains are now allowing pet-owners to bring along their furry friends, and if you are really lucky you can even do it without a charge! Novotel is known for allowing pets free of charge in many of their locations. It is even a good idea when booking your location to look for a nearby doggy day-care so you can go off adventuring for the day and know your pet is in good hands.
Flying With Perro
It can be extremely difficult and not to mention costly when trying to book a flight that accommodates your pet. Many airlines have restrictions on breeds and even sizes! Then, if you do manage to book the flight, your pet can be denied on the day of the flight if the forecasted temperature varies too high or too low because of health-risks for your pet. Be sure to do a lot of research when booking these flights to make sure you are getting the best for your money and, of course, the best for your pet.
Prepped and Ready for Action
Vaccinations are the number one thing to remember if you are traveling to a new country with your pet. Sometimes, it is cheaper and easier to get your pet the vaccines it needs when you arrive in the country. Another thing you need to remember when prepping your pet is to calm it as much as possible. If you want to take extreme measures, some pet owners will train their dog to associate a smell (like lavender) to calming routines and then place a drop of the smell in the crate before boarding. Another tip is to make sure you take your pet on a long walk before getting on the plane to make it easier for it to sleep during the trip.
Bring Fido to the Rescue
As mentioned in a previous blog, Bring Fido is a great tool when planning a trip with your pet. This website can help with everything from flights, to hotels, to even fun pet-friendly activities at your destination!
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