When it comes to catching some of the best deals around, online resources are the fastest and sometimes easiest ways to save those extra few bucks. Because the Internet has become such a universal tool and is so widely recognized, it is updated almost immediately with the most current information around. Lucky for us, this applies to those last minute travel arrangements that are known to be hard to book and even harder save on.

Thankfully, etravelbid.com has come to the rescue. Whether you need flights for a business trip into Chicago or a golf outing in PebbleBeach, etravelbid.com swoops in and snatches up the best unpublished rates on business or first class seats. President Albert G. Thomas of International Travel Systems, Inc., the mother-corporation of etravelbid.com, prides his company on it’s exclusivity to industry leaders. Because of this, flights that you find through etravelbid.com are, for the most part, high in quality and experience rating.

When you first enter the site, you are prompted to enter your travel information (dates, airline preference, etc.). You are then directed to a page confirming that your request was received; email response will include the lowest negotiated prices for your trip. The site then shows you upcoming deals and exclusive discounts of flights with departure locations nearest you so that you can plan for your next big adventure. Helpful, and budget friendly, this site is a great place to make your round trip, one way, or around the world flights a whole lot better.

Ellen Studer


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