How many photographs do you have on your computer? I, for one, have
thousands. Not to mention, they are about as organized as my sock drawer.

Trip after trip I've taken pictures in hopes of making memories last, only
for them to get lost in the sea of digital photos on my computer. That is
until I discovered photo books on Yes, I use Shutterfly
for the easy organization of pictures and videos but it was the award
winning photo books that caught my attention. Custom photo books have
become scrap-booking for the creatively challenged. An easy way to
organize, these photo books have saved my travel pictures from being
forgotten. Choose a preset style (or customize your own), drop in your
photos, and voila! Insta-memories! The day you order your first photo
book, will be the first of many. You'll be instantly hooked.

Personally, I prefer Shutterfly to other photo book websites, but it might be worth while to check out the designs on and Guests and family love to pick up the books sitting on your coffee table, as they do at my house, and they are perfect tied with a ribbon and given as a personalized gift. Whichever way you use them, photo books have never been more convenient! So say "goodbye" to lost vaca-memories and "hello" to photo books.
Ellen Studer

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