As airlines' ticket prices soar, it's getting harder to decide where and when to buy airline tickets. But, and Bing Travel make things a little easier. When it comes to plane ticket prices, Airfarewatchdog is a site designed to help you get the best deals possible. If your trip is already planned, you can enter your travel information and one of their many human travel experts (yes, a living Homo sapiens) will work to find you the cheapest tickets. Also, you can sign up for their email updates and receive information about great deals on flights that are specific to your travel interests.

On another money-saving note, Bing's fairly new "Farecast" is an airfare price predictor that uses data from airline websites to create predictions about the rise and fall of ticket prices. It decides whether you should buy now or wait for prices to drop. The accuracy level is at about 75%, and improving, as Bing continues to coordinate with more airfare websites. To top things off, Bing Travel links you straight the site with the cheapest fare. It's so easy a caveman could do it... well, maybe not. But, it is worth making sure you're buying your tickets at their lowest price!
Ellen Studer

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