The New York Times posted an online picture gallery article of the world’s most luxurious airports. Neck and neck with Hong Kong International and Kuala Lumpur International were our very own San Francisco International and New York’s JFK.

Believe it or not, JFK’s actual airport isn’t what put this one on the map; the Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse is recognized for its 10,000 square feet of shimmering gold, beautiful lighting, and unique textures. “Resident mixologists prepare well-constructed signature cocktails and mix the classics using the world’s best vodka and New York’s finest microbrewery ales,” says the New York Times. To top it off, this top-notch lounge even has a brasserie and spa, a hair service, and a salon! JFK might just bring back the idea that flying is something worth dressing up for.

Some say that the San Francisco International Airport is more like a giant museum than it is an airport. With over 60 works of art commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, this airport draws all sorts of “culture buffs,” says the New York Times. San Fran International also set aside part of it’s airport for science and history exhibitions, an aquarium, a museum for aviation history, and even a learning center for the kids!

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Ellen Studer

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