With airfare prices soaring many of us are falling back on road trips four our summer getaways. The long (and sometimes boring) drives are not always something to look forward to especially with young kids along for the ride, so there is always a need for easy entertainment. This month which browsing the app world I came across a newbie that could help to fill that gap, its called Funny Road Trip.
Here's how it works:
The app allows you to pick up one of the four virtual “hitchhikers” who will be joining you for your trip. Each hitchhiker has a different style of fun; choose from Señor Tortilla, McBronx, Sushi Sakura, and Emil DaElecktra. The hitchhiker gives everyone in the car funny tasks and objectives to stimulate conversation and lots of laughs. For example, Señor Tortilla may ask you to sing a song about a cactus until you pass the next big truck or McBronx might ask you where you might fly if you had wings! You can change the hitchhiker’s language to practice using different languages. The app even comes with a “nighttime” feature for times when you can’t see outside. The app includes over 200 tasks and over 80 curiosities. The only downside is that the app does not keep track of each player’s points so unfortunately someone will have to hold the position of scorekeeper. In my opinion, Funny Road Trip is definitely worth its $1.99 cost.
Ellen Studer

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