Next time you are in the San Francisco, CA area, try something new and take a street down an avenue that maybe you haven’t thought of walking before…

Set in the Mission District, Clarion Alley is a place where art jumps to life before your eyes. Cultural and expressive murals cover the walls of the street in color and conversation. An incredible site, these murals attract artists and visitors from all around the world. This area is also home to many festivals and events like the 24th Street Fair and the San Francisco Food Fair. A mixture of live music and new foods are what make this area a unique spot to spend the day or just pass through on your way to the next adventure. To get the full tour, start at the Mission Street end of Clarion Alley and continue onto Valencia Street for a few more blocks. You can even take a guided tour through and get all of the history and background on some of the most famous murals of the Mission District. Planning a trip to California for the summer or fall? Check out one of Best Weekend’s destinations like the Ventana Inn and Spa, Cavallo Point, or Nick’s Cove and Cottages.
Ellen Studer


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