The flu is back and on the prowl this time of year. Why does it always seem that an amazing getaway is trailed by a nasty case of the sniffles? All too many of the things we come in contact with during travel are covered in all sorts of germs. Get to know what to avoid on your next winter weekend before it’s too late…
Airplane Restrooms
The tiny little bathrooms on airplanes are nothing short of a germ haven. Even if you wash your hands, best to avoid them altogether if possible!
Public Transportation
Busses, planes, trains, and taxis are all swarming with germs and with hundreds of passengers every day its no wonder why.
Keyboards and Mice
Today many of us have all sorts of personal gadgets to keep us connected but when you do have to use a public computer remember you never know who used it before you.
Passed between hands all day every day, the deadliest germs could be lurking in your wallet.

Nothing a bottle of hand sanitizer can’t fix, right?
Ellen Studer

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