Thinking about taking a weekend to head to the Big Apple this fall? Perfect timing because the Statue of Liberty is celebrating its 126th year with the re-opening of the inside on October 28th. 

After its $27 million renovation, the public access levels and crown will once again be open to the public. However, some renovations may not be finished until the end of the year and access will therefore be mildly limited. Part of the renovation includes an elevator and wheelchair lift to the pedestal making the monument more easily accessible; however, there is yet to be an elevator system up to the crown.  At 305 ft., this statue has over 350 stairs climbing to the top of the crown and reservations are required for those who wish to make the trek. Hold on tight because this monument has been known to sway up to 3 ft. on a really windy day!

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Ellen Studer

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