Back from a weekend to my favorite destination, I’ve made a list of books set in and around Lake Placid that will have you dreaming of the Adirondacks. Your suitcase is never really packed without an enthralling novel!
Dance Hall
Bernard F. Conners
A thrilling fiction novel based on true events, Dance Hall digs deep into the mystery of the 1982 unidentified body found floating on Lake Placid’s surface. 
Wild Fire
Nelson DeMille
Take a step into the Adirondacks’ Custer Hill Club and watch as Detective John Corey uncovers a conspiracy to detonate nuclear bombs in two U.S. cities.
The Air We Breathe
Andrea Barrett
While the rest of the country is caught up in the war, the people of Tamarack Lake are plagued with deadly sickness that sends the lower class patients like Leo Marburg to desperation.

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Ellen Studer

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