Plans are being drawn up for what is considered one of the most outrageous festivals in the country, Fantasy Fest. October 19th begins 10 days of pure insanity in one of BestWeekends’ favorite destinations, Key West, FL.

Started in 1979 to bring life to the island’s down-season, Fantasy Fest is a celebration leading up to Halloween that has visitors and locals out on their wildest behavior. Events and parades inspire over 70,000 freaks and frights to dress their best (and sometimes their worst). These wacky events include the Dungeons and Dragons Leather Fetish Bash, the Monsters Ball, and Party in Plaid. There are even wild contests like the classic Mr. Pimp and Ms. Ho and the homemade bikini competition.

Even the local venues go all-out like Sloppy Joe’s Bar which hosts the annual toga party and gets everyone into the Roman spirit. The final parade kicks off the long week with spectacular floats of all shapes and sizes.

Key West is roaring with monstrous excitement this time of year so plan your trip now! Check out BestWeekends’ destination page to find out more about the best places to stay, great eats, and don’t-miss things to do.
Ellen Studer

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