With the recent release of the iPhone 5 we now have even more expensive technology in our lives. The downfall to this? Traveling with technology can be scary and burdensome. Here are a couple cool gadgets that will have you and your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and camera traveling with ease.

The first thing that I would invest in, whether you are planning a trip or not, is an external hard drive. The Drobo Mini is perfect for frequent travelers like Jim. Snap up to 4 hard drives worth of photos and videos and store it all on this 2 lb. cube.

A second awesome investment is a waterproof and shock-proof Hit Case. This armor will protect your iPhone from just about anything; skiing, swimming, you name it. A really cool feature allows you to attach it to a helmet and capture great action video while skiing down a mountain or riding some waves.

My third favorite techy-traveler companion is the Aviiq Portable Charging Station. Keep all of your gadgets charging and organized in this perfect carrying case. All of your beloved electronics can be kept safe and untangled while charging via the USB port. Never worry about the travel mess again!

Let us know about your favorite techy-traveler gadgets and start packing for your next Weekend… all you have to do is GO!
Ellen Studer

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