Travel + Leisure is one of my favorite magazines and travel sites.  They started where avid travel lovers can find incredible deals on travel throughout the world.  All you need is a first name, last name, email address.. well, you get the rest.  It is totally free and their site even offers you money for inviting friends to use their site!  It’s like the “Daily Deals” or “Living Social” for travel!  They are also paired up with and which are sites dedicated to bringing you deals on luxury vacations and family getaways of course!  What’s different about these sites is they allow you to “bid” on the destinations.  They give you a minimum starting bid (which is usually 50% off the normal rates) and you compete with others until the deal closes.  You aren’t charged for bidding but you could end up really getting a steal!  They both offer $100 credits for referring friends and/or signing up for their newsletters!  So sign in today and let the deals keep coming! 

12/23/2011 09:50:51 am

Great tip - I will check it out and see what kind of deal I can get


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