While browsing National Geographic’s Travel section, I came across an article that had my tummy rumbling like Pooh Bear’s. The article is titled “Five American Desserts Worth The Trip.” It zooms in on some of the nations most delicious desserts and certainly made me want to visit these places just for a slice of cake! It just so happens that many of them are within close proximity to some of Best Weekends’ favorite destinations.

First on the list is Maryland’s national dessert, Smith Island Cake. This cake consists of super-thin butter layers of yellow cake held together with chocolate fudge icing. You can try this popular Maryland dessert and many restaurants up and down the coast and even at the Smith Island Baking Company.

Bestweekends.com destinations, MD: Antrim 1844, Inn at Perry Cabin

Next up is New Mexico’s Bizcochito. At the Golden Crown Panadería in Albuquerque, these tiny little pastries/cookies (bizcochito = small cake) are handed out at the door; just one taste will have customers flooding in for a whole box. Since being named the state dessert, bizcochitos can be found in bakeries and cafes all around the state.

Bestweekends.com destinations, NM: Inn of Five GracesEncantado Resort and Spa

Massachusetts known for the ever famous (take a guess), Boston cream pie. This delicious pie, which is actually a cake, consists of two layers of cake sandwiching thick custard and iced with chocolate icing. It is absolutely irresistible, which is why it was named the state dessert and can be found all around the state as well as around the country.

Bestweekends.com destinations, MA: Boston, Massachusetts

Last but certainly not least is the Florida Key Lime Pie. My personal favorite, the key lime pie is served in all sorts of ways ranging from whipped cream topped to smothered in meringue. Doing some key-hopping is the only way to taste them all!

Bestweekends.com destination FL: Key West
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