_ Right now the World Wide Web is in its prime–there are almost 3.5 billion Internet users around the globe­–which means exponential growth and development of websites that make life for us a lot easier. I’m constantly browsing for new websites and apps that pertain to the travel world but somehow I always get rerouted back to one: tripkick.com.

Tripkick.com is like the encyclopedia of all things hotel-oriented. They have a multitude of hotels and information in their database, but the cool part is what they do with it. When you first enter the website you are given the option of entering a hotel name that you already plan on staying in, or using tripkick to help you find a desirable hotel in the location of your choice. If you have already chosen your hotel, you are taken to a page with a basic description, a list of the most desirable rooms, reviews from other users, basic tips for your stay, and transportation information. The desirable rooms tab opens a page of hotel room numbers and their correlating rooms. See which rooms are the quietest, have the best view, or are quipped with the most luxurious bathroom. Then, once you’ve picked a room number, you can check out the reviews about that room or rooms similar. Another tab opens the page for “hotel basics;” this has all the information about gym/pool/spa services, Internet connection, etc. Lastly, the cherry on top, is the transportation tab. This tab gives you all the information you need about getting to and from the airport  (including fees and times) using various transportation methods.

Listed multiple times as best website of the year, tripkick.com is still on the up and up. They are constantly adding more hotels to their stock and have recently opened up a slew of international hotel pages to the public. I highly recommend checking it out before booking your next trip-of-a-lifetime. Happy traveling.

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