Quickly climbing the charts, the new photo-sharing app “Postagram” is a trendy traveler’s best friend.

The traditional postcard has been pushed aside and in its place is the “Postagram”, a customized postcard created and sent straight from your smartphone. This app allows users to take a photo from Instagram, Facebook, smartphone, tablet, or computer and virtually place it onto a postcard. Users then customize a message, pop in an address, and hit send. The postagram is then promptly delivered to Mom, Grandpa, friends, whoever.

Postagram is free to download and you can buy credits for Postagrams in bulk starting at 50 credits for $9.90. Upon creating an account, you receive 5 credits for free Postagrams and when you invite friends you earn more free credits.

The app itself is sleek and extremely simple to use anywhere at anytime. I’ve had it for less than a week and I’m already addicted to sharing my Postagrams. Download the app using the app store or sign up online. Happy Postagraming.
Ellen Studer

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